Someone once told me that I am too social and not awkward enough to be a software engineer (No offense to any software engineers!). I’m passionate about UX research and analytics that act as the driving forces for the innovation of new technology with a perfect blend of social science and data science.  

During my tenure at Accenture as a software engineer, I always craved to better understand the real-world impact of the services that were developed by me. There were many projects that I worked on relentlessly only to realize that it was either rolled back or made dormant in production because it was difficult to use. This ignited my interest in UX research and I sought after it to stumble upon insights about end user’s experience of using the services that I developed to help improvise the solutions. Thus, started my journey of being a collaborative and compassionate UX researcher.

I am currently pursuing my masters in information management and systems at the UC Berkeley School of Information with a focus on UX research, human-computer interaction, quantitative methodologies and product management. I intend to implement my knowledge of engineering principles to business practices and integrate it with my passion for working with people and data, to help develop procedures and strategies that can be applied to enhance the core business values and in turn deliver great products.

I am an ardent traveler and a foodie, who also deeply cares about social causes such as education, equality and animal welfare.